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Well I've finally done it. In answer to many requests, How to make CHEAP oil wheels. Download it here. DIY OIL WHEELS

Click here for nostalgia... The orginal Roger Squires catalogue. (pdf) Roger Squires

On Stage
Specializing in the sounds from the 60s 70s and 80s. Pirate radio jingles and soundbites. The atmospheric lightshow completes a truly authentic 70s disco night. We play Vinyl.

Jersey's ONLY authentic 70s disco and lightshow

EMAIL for full information or booking enquiry >>>HERE


(although a pint or two is always welcome).

I HAVE ADDED A NEW PAGE - (click-->)RAMBLINGS, ALL ABOUT DISCOS IN THE 70s AND HOW MINE STARTED, please take a look. I am still working on it so it will grow. Any pics you can email will be greatly appreciated, and used.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mick Ginda at Karillion for support and encourgement not to mention a few very welcome donations.
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